I don’t know if many people watch EastEnders but I absolutely love it! I know its a soap and that it is constant drama but I am hooked! I have to admit I have tried to stop watching it because of the latest drama of Linda being raped by Dean and I did succeed for about a week :D. Its just great to watch, well that’s what I think any way.
Like I have said I know it is just a TV programme which people watch for entertainment, but at the same time some of the things and subjects that they are using as story lines are things that the viewers are actually going through. For this reason is why the whole story line surrounding Linda’s rape annoys me. I am completely for putting these kinds of problems on TV as these are taboo subjects which people need to feel like they can talk about without being judged. What really annoys me about Linda’s story line is the fact she keeps it to herself. I really think they should of shown her telling people about it. Showing that the right thing to do was to tell somebody not bottle it in side and then hopefully the rape victim watching will then feel inspired to tell some one.
I do understand that it shows Linda upset, shaken up and just horrified at what happened and that keeping it to herself obviously isn’t/wasn’t good for her. I just think they could of changed it a little to inspire people to speak out.
Like I have already said I know it is just a soap and it is for entertainment but it is annoying watching something that could inspired so many people to get help for something and just for the drama it doesn’t.
I also completely understand that because I haven’t been raped I cant understand what it is like for a rape victim and how they should or would react.  
Sorry if this is very short I have a tablet/mini laptop to write my blogs on so I cant tell how long they are now. Hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!Enjoy<3


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