I do love my parents but I am not that close to my Mum.  I am definitely a Daddy’s girl. As I have said in another post I was, in my opinion, brought up by my grandparents so I wouldn’t really be that close to my parents. My mum growing up was very strict with everything  me and my little sister did. Looking back I am thank full for the way she has been with me as I have learnt how to look after myself and to work for what I want, I cant just run to Mummy and Daddy and demand it.
I am lucky. I have seen parents who really don’t care about their children at all and then they grow up to make trouble and on the streets getting arrested when really I feel like its the parents fault. Saying that though sometimes I do understand that it is sometimes not the parents fault its  who their child have become friends with and that they are in the wrong crown and the parents cant do anything but be there for the child when the child needs them. I will never properly understand until I have my own children.


This is a hand carved elephant which my Mum and Dad bought me from their holiday in India this year. I kept asking for a elephant as a joke and Mum brought this home for me and I absolutely love it and seeing as this blog is about parents I thought this would be a perfect time to show it of :D.
Anyway  being somebody who is not a parent all I can say is I know parents are supposed to care and look after their children. Unconditionally. And I hope all parents are as great as mine. Enjoy<3.


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