Homeless People

I can not be the only person who gets really upset at the thought of human beings being homeless.  Especially in this weather. And watching people just walking past them like they are rubbish is just heartbreaking. This is going to be a rant by the way:D. I just can’t get over the idea of […]

Annie (PG)

I am never normally interested in these kind of films. The remakes of older great films. I have to admit it had been years since I had seen any kind of film to do with Annie. Because of this I was reluctant to watch it. I enjoyed it a lot. The music was great as […]

American Sniper. (15)

This film is amazing! I wasnt going to watch this film originally but so many people where saying it’s a good film I thought why not. It really is a film that makes you think about what soldiers have to go through and even though it’s about American soldiers , British soldiers still go through […]


I am in a long term relationship and I love it. I am 19 with most of my friends are going out and getting “layed” while I am tucked up in bed with my fiancĂ©/boyfriend. I know people have different views on the age of people getting engaged. I know my parents do. although that […]