I am in a long term relationship and I love it. I am 19 with most of my friends are going out and getting “layed” while I am tucked up in bed with my fiancé/boyfriend. I know people have different views on the age of people getting engaged. I know my parents do. although that could be them just being protective. The people who i really care about, my grandparents, would love the news of an engagement, I’m just terrified of my mum.
What I don’t understand is, I always thought marriage was for life but so many people are getting married and then changing their mind just weeks later. I

do think marriage is losing its importance.
It is very nice to be in a relationship, nearly four years. Its reassuring. Knowing that you have someone who loves you and that you love them is always a bonus. I have to admit it is scaaaary thinking about being without your other half. it has been so long with him. I have aso been living with him for just over a year. Its nice having that solid relationship. i feel like i am in one of those relationship’s where I don’t have to worry about him cheating or talking to other girls and it is great. I am proud of my relationship. we don’t keep secrets. well apart from 1, he does not know i have this blog. But I’m sure he will find out sooner or later. I have no idea if I am repeating my self and i am sorry if I have. I just wanted to talk about this subject and I went all butterflyy in stomach like, urg how embarrassing. anyway Enjoy<3


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