American Sniper. (15)

This film is amazing! I wasnt going to watch this film originally but so many people where saying it’s a good film I thought why not.
It really is a film that makes you think about what soldiers have to go through and even though it’s about American soldiers , British soldiers still go through the same and I have many family member that have been and still are in the army. It is such a good film you need to watch it to understand the extent of how touching it really is. Oh and bring the tissues.
Spoiler alert! I did rant A LOT at the fact he died when he got home. He went through all of that. Led many men and helped even more and went home where he was supposed to be safe and looked after but no. He gets killed by someone he is trying to help. Urg. Not happy.
The fact that it is a true story makes it so much more touching. Another spoiler. Sorry. At the end with the credits is the actual footage of his funeral and how many people turned up to honour him. Just OMG I just want to cry writing this. I loved the film and it’s something you should see.
The only thing I have that is bad to say is the fact that they do swear everything sentence and also there is a scene where a child gets brutally killed. You don’t see much but it’s just not nice at all.
This film is definitely something I recommend for people to watch as it seems to be a taboo subject. Enjoy ❤


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