Homeless People

I can not be the only person who gets really upset at the thought of human beings being homeless.  Especially in this weather. And watching people just walking past them like they are rubbish is just heartbreaking. This is going to be a rant by the way:D. I just can’t get over the idea of people cold, hungry and with no money. Everybody moans about how their hair was not cut right or they can’t afford the magazine this month and then there are people on the streets begging.
Being homeless is one of my worst ever fears. Sat everyday on the corner people laughing at you. Dirty and for did needing help but no one will give it to you. It’s just Urg. 
This is going to cause a bit of controversy I think, but imagine how many people would be saved, even animals from being homeless if celebrities or David Cameron and them kind of people who are earning so much money and have 3 different homes, just halved the amount they where making and gave it away to charities and such that are helping them people and animals. It would be amazing. There are way to many selfish people on this earth. It’s very upsetting.



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