50 Shades of Grey (18)

Well……. This is a film which is awkward to watch with a load of people. I enjoyed the whole plot of it because I love a good love story. I think it’s kind of sweet that he doesn’t know how to love properly and he doesn’t even like the whole idea of falling in love […]


Is there any point in going on to do further education? I know there are a mixed response to that question but I have read somewhere ( my useless memory) that even if you have done the university course and you are fully qualified the amount of jobs thay are available just isn’t worth the […]

Kingsman (15)

This is such a great film. I absolutely loved it. I had to watch it 3 times I just got so excited about it. I think the main character is fit and has so much humour and laughs in it but is still an action kind of film. Just so good.    There is no […]