Kingsman (15)

This is such a great film. I absolutely loved it. I had to watch it 3 times I just got so excited about it. I think the main character is fit and has so much humour and laughs in it but is still an action kind of film. Just so good.
   There is no blood and bones to make you stomach turn but there are some bad as moves. I want to be a blade runner now, thanks!:). Even though, sorry if I ruin it for you, the blade runner is on the bad guys team she is such an amazing character.  I also like how it’s played a little bit on how typical some action films are, about how the villain catches the good guy but instead of doing something about it he decides to be Corney which results on the good guy getting away. But nope this film is a little different. I do have to worn you (I am now contradicting myself) there is a scene which involves a church full of people and a Kingsman spy who turns a bit crazy because of something (trying my hardest not to ruin it for you) and kills everyone and that is a little bit on the hand over face side. But I do recommend this film if you are old enough to see it obviously.  Enjoy ❤


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