50 Shades of Grey (18)

This is a film which is awkward to watch with a load of people. I enjoyed the whole plot of it because I love a good love story. I think it’s kind of sweet that he doesn’t know how to love properly and he doesn’t even like the whole idea of falling in love in general  (that’s what I got from the film, I havnt read the books). The sex part in it was awkward and something I’m not going to be rushing to try. But the acting, was even more awkward then the actual porn in the film. I’m sorry to people who loved the film and love the actors but it was so cringy. It was as if they forgot what they where supposed to be saying and then suddenly remember.  Also! Why is she so pathetic. I don’t know whether it’s the acting or whether she is supposed to be all, weak and vulnerable but it annoyed me. I got bored of watching her look like a puppy with its tail betweens legs. I understand why many people who have read the books don’t like the film but personally I was dissociated with the acting but liked the plot. Enjoy ❤


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