Is there any point in going on to do further education? I know there are a mixed response to that question but I have read somewhere ( my useless memory) that even if you have done the university course and you are fully qualified the amount of jobs thay are available just isn’t worth the thousands of pounds for a degree. Myself am not that bothered by university and personally don’t think I would ever enjoy it so I wouldn’t want to pay so much money and be in dept for something I won’t enjoy.
I am however working through my art and design foundation diploma course which I enjoy a lot. I have met some great people and made a really close friend which I think is great and hopefully a long term friend. That’s one benefit that I can think of when going further in my education, making amazing friends.


The course is something I am happy that I chose to do as I get to do many things and use different materials and learn so much. I do want to go on to do interim design but I feel an apprentiship would be better for me. Obviously different people have different thoughts of what they like to do with education.
Are there enough jobs out there for many people just comming our of university doing the same thing? With the economy the way it is ( I don’t know to much) I don’t think people can afford to be picky. This is going of topic now. Let me know what you think?  Enjoy! ❤


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