The Spongebob movie-Sponge out of water.(U)

This was better then I expected. It has loads of things in it which adults can understand and is still funny for children. Children seem to be happy watching this film and I can understand why, when you think that is the funny part of the film over with something else happens and it makes […]

Seventh Son (12A)

This is on my phone again, just warning you. This was strange film. I think I just got 2 excited about this film which is why I think I’m let down a  little. The plot is great I just don’t think it was as good as it could of been. I have just watched the […]

Insurgent (12a)

Was not as good as the books but what did I expect when the books are so good?!? I think it’s got some great acting though. But Tobias?  Hello!. Yummy.  If I was here I would stay at home all day everyday……. Anyway of subject. This is a great film if you havnt read the […]