I am a art student so I find art a very interesting subject. I also find many different things that have nothing to do with art beautiful and artistic and it is something all artists will understand. simple things will make us happy and give us inspiration for something that maybe has nothing to do with what we are doing at the time. I am rambling.
Something that annoys me about the whole subject of artists is that  people think that being an artist is a “doss”  and something idiots would take as a subject or a carrier.  I think that even though doing art for anything, education or as a  life choice is hard. The amount of work that is ask of you to produce. Even starting the actual thing is hard work as you have to find inspiration that can lead you on to do more and better work.  I just think people who are doing high profile jobs who say that their job is much better than an artist are small minded. Being an artist and in that kind of business is something that I want to do and would be extremely grateful and happy. Being an artist is like being a singer, your doing what you enjoy as a job instead of a hobby.
The thought of being able to be an artist as a living is amazing even though I know its not always a well paid job but it is something I would definitely do. I would love to design and make many things for different things. For example back ground objects for shows or pieces of work for a art gallery. The thought of having some of my work on display for people to see is just…wow.
Something I love about being an artist is that I can express myself. It doesn’t matter what you are doing but the emotion you have in that time while making that project can be shown in the project and is just so interesting. Even looking through other peoples work and looking to see what inspired them and why its just intriguing. Sometimes something completely different would inspire something that you would never of expected. I think everyone can draw and paint and become an artist, its just something you have to try. I know people can draw and paint better then others but everything is art, it is just how you look at it.


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