Wow, just wow. Since when was Will Smith that hot. He is a nice looking man, I knew that, but the body.
The film is great. I think it is something only certain people would like. It does drag every now and then and there have been a mixed reaction to the film from the customers who came and watched the film. The twist at the end though. Was not expecting that at all! Was not even expecting a twist. In most films you can tell that something is going to happened and there be some kind of turn around. Now I don’t know if it was just me being stupid or whether the film is as good as I am saying. People who have watched this film will have to let me know, but as you can probably tell by now I was not expecting the twist.
The acting was great and I loved the plot of the film as it is something I find very interesting. The whole art of pickpocketing and being very smart that you can trick people easily into just basically them handing you their own money. Its very interesting.
Now when I am going to watch a movie I normally watch them when I am in work so if its a bad film then it doesn’t matter because I haven’t wasted time in my own time, I know that’s a bad way of working. And to top that I have to know what I am watching or I get bored because I don’t understand what it is about. So when I watch a film I would like to research a little before hand so I understand it. This film I didn’t because it was something I didn’t plan to do we just turned up, IN MY OWN TIME, and watched. And I still liked it which says a lot , so after this long paragraph of rabble, I do recommend this film. Enjoy


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