Wisdom Teeth Update

I just thought because it’s 3 in the morning and they are keeping me up why not write an update on wisdom teeth. Obviously from the title I have already written a blog about the buggers. Also this may not be that long because I am on my phone in bed writing this praying for sleep. It’s all a bit dramatic don’t you think?
So the update on my wisdom teeth is that they have completely swollen my left side of my face and I can’t open my mouth properly. I look like an idiot. Especially trying to eat. Here is a upsetting story. I went to Mc Donalds the other day (when it all started getting swollen) and I had just finished work and was hungry and angry and sleepy. Looking forward to my big mac meal. I know. Went to bite into it……couldn’t fit my mouth around it. I cried. It is so painfull and achy I have missed so much college and sleep I am close to sueing somebody.
Anyway they are comming out. Thank god.  But just in case anyone else is having to go through this. I am so sorry to here that you are.  Cold helps the pain! I sit for hours with milk from the fridge on my face! It’s so nice. It numbs it and I just feel so relieved. Obviously I’m not sure if it actually helps with the swelling and hopefully it’s not making it worse. But b***** hell I have never loved milk so much in my life.
That was the probably non interesting update. In the mean time enjoy this picture of my cute do! ❤



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