I’m sorry to anyone who likes this film but I had to walk out. it was to distressing. I think the film dragged on when it could of easily cut out some footage. I just couldn’t watch the ending. It was to much. I am sorry if I am going to spoil it for anyone and it could just be me with a soppy heart. But flipping heck.

There are a couple of scenes that made up my mind for me that it was just to much for my to watch….

1-There is a scene where the two “bad guys” take Chappie to show him what the outside world is like so that Chappie appreciates where he is. They leave him in the middle of know where in front of a gang around a fire and drive of. The gang then think he is a robot police thing and start to back off but then realises that Chappie isn’t. (Keep in mind that at this point Chappie is in a child state of mind still). They then start throwing things at him and being really nasty. They hit him while Chappie is confused and up set. They then set him on fire as he ruins away. For me this is way to distressing to watch. Especially with what is on the news and what is happening around the world right now. I know that it is probably really deep and I am over thinking it but just wow.

2-The two “bad guys” again take Chappie with them to pay some guy for explosives which is in a building surrounding a dog fighting ring. And on there way out the find Chappie stroking/looking at a dog that had obviously been killed from the fighting ring. I think this is completely wrong. I am totally against it and again probably going way to into it.

I know your thinking, its a film why would you watch it if you don’t like it? I know I am not the only one who thinks this. If you can watch a film with this in and come out of it feeling fine then I am not going to judge because I know I take things like this to heart.

Putting that aside I do think it is good acting and well thought just maybe less distress next time please?


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