This is such a good film! It’s funny it has a good story line and it’s something to keep everyone happy.  Not to mention the celebrity’s in the film. Jenefer Lopez, Rhiana and of course my favorite Jim Parsons (plays Sheldon from the big bang theory).
I can not explain how happy I am with this film. I think Sheldon (Jim) has done so well. I call him Sheldon because I think the alien Oh who he plays is so similar to Sheldon it just makes it more lovable.  I think this film is something that will entertain the whole family easily. It has hidden humour for the adults but funny visuals for the children.
The story line is well thought out and the little twist at the end was nice. To think that there actually isn’t isn’t a bad guy it a nice thought. And finding out who and what the “bad guy” is is interesting.  I do think the film has a hidden message which is something children do need to learn these days which is not to take things. I like this as a theme.


The whole concept of this film is well thought out I think. I just recommend it so badly.  You are missing out if you fail to watch it! Just watch it! Please? Enjoy ❤


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