Reason why I miss being a small Human.

I know this is something that everyone has spoken about and is something that is everywhere on the internet but  I really do miss being a child. carefree, nothing to worry about. a small human who has no responsibilities. SO for the first time on my blog I am going to create a list.

1-Don’t care about my appearance.

Even though I dress for myself now when I was little I had no care in the world what people thought. In all fairness what my mum dressed me in was terrible so I had no shame when it came to me being able to chose. Thanks mum! This is something I feel the generation which is following me can not understand as they are growing up with such influences which makes them more aware at such a young age of the trends. I hate how mature they are these days. Anyway.

2-The “late” nights out playing with friends!

My favourite thing ever to do was playing out on summer nights with friends from where i lived playing deno and hide and seek and tag. it was so much fun. when the sun was just about going down and your all tired out and sleepy from all the running around but you know you don’t have to be anywhere in the morning. Looking back you just felt carefree with your little problems here and there. Just…lucky children.

3-That feeling of getting what you want.

This one makes me sound like a spoilt brat. But you know the feeling right? When your driving back from where ever you were dragged to with the family and you are about to pass Mc Donalds and you and your sibling start making puppy noises and begins to go and then your mum pulls in and you just grin. Or even simple things like getting to chose what mum is cooking. I was a simple child. I just love thinking back on child memories.

4-That stuff you have to give to people for things.

Now money was never something that was a big deal for me. this is because i never got pocket money or money for doing things for my parents so I never understood the big deal for money. I never watched much TV or played games at all when I was younger so I never saw the concept anywhere. It wasn’t until I was 15 and I got myself a job and started getting an income I started to understand what the stuff was and the benefits and of course the stress or owning my own money. Luckily when I was younger I was quite spoilt so if I wanted something in the end I got it:D. What has really kicked me up the bum with the difference with being a child and a adult with money is Christmas and birthdays and so on. When I was little I either didn’t have to get anyone anything, made it myself or mum bought it and put my name on it. But now! oh the amount of money I have to spend. I used to love having a big family, not any more!


When you where little you made great friends but I  found they only stayed if you had great stuff. That is child hood for you, children are a mean species and that is something I don’t miss about being a child. But I do miss how much fun you had with your friends and how you could be complete idiots with out a care in the world. Now you make friends and hopefully friends for life as at this age a close friend is someone you can chose to be friend which which is great. But I miss the sleepovers and the late night deno. I do have great friends now and enjoy their company but there is something about childhood friends that made it even more fun.


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