Insurgent (12a)

Was not as good as the books but what did I expect when the books are so good?!?
I think it’s got some great acting though. But Tobias?  Hello!. Yummy.  If I was here I would stay at home all day everyday…….
Anyway of subject. This is a great film if you havnt read the books. I  have so I am struggling. *Puts the book aside* This is a tense film with many twist you would not expect. I think it is interesting and gets you on the edge of your seat. Something you don’t want to miss. I would recommend this film and because it is a 12a it is something for the whole family.
There is not much blood and it’s not something that makes you cringe when someone gets shot. It has the right level of action and pain. I am definitely watching this film again! It was a great watch.
The camera angels and the editing all looked so real. Writting this now has made me realise that non of that stuff was actually real and that it was actually editing and all that fancy shizz. Incredible. 


I Google him and here you go. Your welcome. In a nutshell this film is so amazingly well created. It is something you all need to watch as it gripes you and can easily be a faverite of all time. Fabulous!


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