College life and what to do next?

I am loving my college course but it ends in a couple of weeks. I am struggling to find and choose what to do next. The options are endless but I feel like I have no idea and little option. What a silly thing to think. I am enjoying learning but I am positive that I do not want to go on and do university. (I have already done a post on that rant).

I have my heart set on an apprenticeship but I am finding it so hard to find an apprenticeship in my area and I would have to travel a while to get to the one I am desperate to partake in. I know that an apprenticeship will be hard work and is something I have never experienced before which is why I am a little bit hesitant on doing it but it is something that you are lucky to be able to do.apprentaship

I know that there is a chance I will be just getting a job anywhere I can. It is a lot harder then people think to get to where you want to be in a business that i want to be involved in. which for me is useless seeing as when i get excited for something or so on I want to get it done. I want to be able to experience it as soon as possible. can be a good thing but can be an awful thing.

What I don’t mind doing which probably sounds stupid. I would love a job in an office. I think a 9 till 5 job in an office getting to wear nice dresses, making nice friends and making decent money.


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