Review on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I thought i would do this because I absolutely love this phone. Also because there is a note 4 coming out and I honestly don’t see the point of people getting that one when it is so similar to the note 3. Save your money people. I am just going to list a load of things that a great with this phone and try to think of something that isn’t so good:).

1-It is a sturdy phone.

this phone does not feel cheap at all. you can tel the minute you pick it up it will last. unless you throw it of a cliff or something, then I am not sure but i wouldn’t be surprised if it did still work. It has lasted me 2 years now and still going strong and I am not going to change it until It completely brakes and i cant do anything on it.

2-It has a pen.

This gadget has a pen that works with it. It comes in the bottom of the phone with a button on it. I am not sure why I have to keep going I mean SELLER.  But yes it comes with a pen that makes the phone do all sorts of extra things. It is so handy to remember notes and extra things like that. What I like even better then this amazing pen that comes with it is…on a drunk night out I managed to some how lose the pen. I still to this day have no idea where it is. I ordered a pen of amazon which cost me 13 pounds. I thought it would just fit in the phone and that would be that. But I got it and to my surprise it worked perfectly like the old pen. I was/am very impressed.

3-The memory though.

The memory on my phone seems to last forever. I mean I have about 146 apps on my phone. 178 photos and 8 songs and i have only just got half way into the memory and i still have a memory card to fill yet. that is a lot of memory. Even though it has all of these apps on the phone and potentially many things running at once it does not heat up and get laggy and slow at all.


Because of the size of the battery the charger is large. this makes charging the phone really quick. It takes maybe 45 mins to charge my phone from 0 to 100. This is so handy when you have a busy life style. Also because of the shape of the actual charger part that goes into the phone you can obviously fit your own charger but you can fit in the old Samsung phone charger. The smaller ones. So if you haven’t got your charger. There is always a older Samsung charger somewhere. So handy.

5-When there is light there is a possibility for dark.

Here is where I tell you something a little bad about the device, I cant be biased now can I. The latest update for this device has made the battery life on it dreadful. You have to turn everything of and make sure you have pressed the lock button or just having the main screen light left on will drain the battery. The camera also takes a little too long to focus. It is a very good camera. Really good quality. But I think because of this it takes a while to focus. And the fact that its a big phone so if you are holding it with one hand then you will struggle to press the button and hold it aiming it to where you want.

All in all this is such a good phone. long lasting and something you cant count on in your busy life. I think it is worth the money you spend on it as it has some many possibility’s to make your life easier.

note 3


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