The Spongebob movie-Sponge out of water.(U)

This was better then I expected. It has loads of things in it which adults can understand and is still funny for children. Children seem to be happy watching this film and I can understand why, when you think that is the funny part of the film over with something else happens and it makes you laugh again. I have to admit there are some parts that are so stupid and even bad that they are funny. I don’t want to spoil it but a talking dolphin? That is quite funny.

I do like how the film has been made. Obviously sponge bob and Patrick are animated and then it meets the real world with real people. But then there is the dolphin which seems to be something else. To me it looks likes they have just used a toy. I like the effect it gives to the movie.

I do recommend this film as I think it is something for the whole family to enjoy. Unless you or a member of your family are super serious and do not have a silly sense of humor then I think you should keep them away.

The way the narrative has been done is interesting as well. Again I don’t mean to ruin it for anybody but the fact the bad guy in the movie is the pirate who sings in the program I think is clever. i do think it is something you should watch whether you go and see it in the cinema or even just wait for it to come out on sky. It is a family fun filled film.


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