Review on the Samsung NX Mini

I have a few close friends. Which all received orders to give me their mcdonalds monopoly stickers which you get in the side of your meals. I wasn’t being a b**** they just only use the instant wins so I had the others. Because of this I won the Samsung NX Mini camera and boy […]

Avengers-Age of Ultron(12A)

Omg, I can not describe to you how excited I am and I have already watch it. This film is absolutely amazing. The minute it started you where sold. The action, humour and acting can not be faulted at all. The action in this film was so good, it was like some of the films […]

John Wicks(15)

Now I am not good with blood and knives. I can’t deal with casualty that’s how bad I am. So when I was in work and that was an option to watch I was a bit worried about this film but I watched it anyway. The guns and knives and stabbing and stuff wad not […]


Originally posted on Ramona Crisstea:
Today is the celebration of love, Dragobete. The name originates from two Slavic words “dragu” and “biti” which can be translated into “beloved”. Dragobetele is a love tradition in Romanian culture and is celebrated today on the 24th of February. This day is associated with Spring, the season of hope…

Being Invisible.

Before I start this is not a cry for attention or what ever, I actually enjoy being invisible. I am the type of girl who isn’t the smartest and isn’t very good at anything. I am someone who is OK. If this makes any sense at all. I am OK at singing, I am OK […]


I am not a fan of remakes of Disney films. I never feel like the have done it properly. But I do like this film. The actors and actresses that where chosen to be part of this film I think where well chosen for the characters needed in this film. When watching the film, even […]

Fast and Furious 7(12A)

I absolutely love all of these films. They are easily the best films i watched so when the news came out that Paul Walker had died I did not believe it to start of with but it was terrible. I was gutted when I found out it was true. He was one of my favorite […]