The amazing pleasure of being a Barmaid.

If you have read my blogs for a while then you would know I am in full time education and also has a job at the local cinema. Well I am a busy little bee because on the weekends I work in a pub/nightclub. There are so many good things and bad things that come with the privilege,  I use that term losely.  I could go on for days.
The alcohol. Now, I have friends, I like to go out with friends. But going out and getting drunk, waking up with a banging hangover and then having to work somewhere full of the stuff you have spent the day throwing up is not great. At all. Flash backs actually happen.
Men. Obviously it’s the other way round if your a male. But if your in a club or bar etc and you are really drunk and there are drunken females all around the place. Falling over, on your lap or just sitting there. Why do you go for the girl who is sober….. She can remember your face (which is probably a state at this point) remember everything you say and do, yet you still try to chat her up. Not going to work mate sorry.
Different drinks. It is a lot of fun to be shaking and stirring those drinks though. You feel so professional and great. Everyone is looking at you thinking your some kind of goddess who is making the secret formula to keep them alive. I just think it is so much fun.
Working on nights where your friends are actually out drinking is not that fun. Your stood there asking the man for his money for the drink he has just tipped down himself while your friends are having a laugh across the pub. I’m not a self loathing kind of gal but them kind of nights is just Urg.
The late nights kill me. Monday to Friday in collage trying to get into some sort of sleeping pattern. It’s a Thursday night and you are finally falling asleep around half 12 knowing that you have to stay awake Friday night until half 3 ish because your working.
The gossip though. You do get plenty of gossip workong in a pub it is great. I swear some people think bartenders can’t hear them. I will be stood there pulling a pint and they are slagging someone of I have just spoken to. Our ears are just as good as your lady.
Working in a pub is lots of fun and the one I work at is like being part of a family. With the family disfunction obviously. Just adds a pinch of interesting to my week.



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