I am not a fan of remakes of Disney films. I never feel like the have done it properly. But I do like this film. The actors and actresses that where chosen to be part of this film I think where well chosen for the characters needed in this film. When watching the film, even though it is a well known film that you know so well you still get surprised by different things.

I have to admit I am not a very girly girl and not someone who messes around so when I watched this film and saw how flimsy Cinderella. I am not a fan of needing a man, even though I am engaged. I do not want to upset anyone but i just don’t like what they are showing children. I mean they are bad enough as it is with all the technology, they don’t need to feel like they need a partner to be special.l but that is a whole other blog.

Apart from that I think it is a film to watch for the whole family, I know some people who even cried at the happy ending. The dresses in this film where amazing I would of loved to get the privilege to design one of them dresses.

From Google

Was a good and a lovely family evening in. Enjoy<3


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