Fast and Furious 7(12A)

I absolutely love all of these films. They are easily the best films i watched so when the news came out that Paul Walker had died I did not believe it to start of with but it was terrible. I was gutted when I found out it was true. He was one of my favorite actors along with Johnny Depp.

This film is so good! I recommend it easily to anyone. I think this film is not what everyone expects. People I have spoken to think it is just going to be another one of the racing film that is the same as everything else but it isn’t, it is so much more. The narrative/story line is so good and perfect for the this kind of film. It makes Paul Walker look bad ass.

The editing and they way things have been created for this films is so good. i had to remind myself that it wasn’t real. the acting was great also, a couple of cringe moments but who cares Paul Walker is in it.

There is really nothing much to say, this film is absolutely amazing and such a good thing to spend your time doing. You need to see this film.

I do not want to ruin it for anybody but at the end when they played the in the memory of Paul montage. With the song that has been written in memory of Paul, Urg i cried. You need to go and watch it!


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