Being Invisible.

Before I start this is not a cry for attention or what ever, I actually enjoy being invisible.

I am the type of girl who isn’t the smartest and isn’t very good at anything. I am someone who is OK. If this makes any sense at all. I am OK at singing, I am OK at art, I am OK at doing all sorts of things but I haven’t found a proper talent.

Because of this it makes me the one that will do any job I can because I am not that bothered. But like I have already said I am invisible and I like it. There are many reason which are understandable why some people growing up would be upset by this. I suppose growing up it did phase me a little bit.

A couple of things that have made me realize I am invisible growing up is standing in a room when something amazing happens and being part of it, but when it came to other people telling people what happened and who was there I was never mentioned. This is because they either never realized I was there or they just forgot I was there because I am not that important. Even my own cousin, the girl I grew up with and pretty much sisters forgot about me. This is how it went.

So we went to Alton Towers with school. Our friends went on a ride which we didn’t want to go on so we stood to the side waiting. After the ride finished we couldn’t find our friends and my cousin started to panic. She called our friends and she called a teacher, no one answered and so she called her mum ( I don’t know why, she couldn’t help) and when asked who she was with she said no one. I was stood there thinking F*** YOU then. But I was 13 at the time so I did not actually say it.

There are good things about being invisible, trust me.

Things like, when you get to lazy to help out someone you just sit back and let them do the experiment or what ever you doing and they don’t even realize you are gone or that you have stopped. If some one at work needs covering your normally the last person they ask, after them thinking there is no one else obviously. You can hide from scary family members that come over because no one will scream for you to get your bum down stairs because they have forgotten you are even there.

I understand that to some people it is a bad thing and I also understand why. But I have turned mine into a good thing. And being the lazy bum I am I am rather enjoying it. If you have got it, flaunt it.;D


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