John Wicks(15)

Now I am not good with blood and knives. I can’t deal with casualty that’s how bad I am. So when I was in work and that was an option to watch I was a bit worried about this film but I watched it anyway.
The guns and knives and stabbing and stuff wad not a bad as I thought it would be. I think it has been done in a way which you don’t get freaked out by the stabbings. What got me was the lead up to some of them. It looked like you would be watching the blade go in but thankfully you didn’t.  If I can watch it and deal with it. You can to:L.
The acting was great and the stunt men! They must of had loads of them. The narrative was great although I didn’t like the dog being killed in the beginning. But it was nice that he found another one at the end. Sorry if I ruined it for any body!
I do recommend this film as I think it is a good watch. But definitely understand why it is a 15. ❤


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