Avengers-Age of Ultron(12A)


I can not describe to you how excited I am and I have already watch it. This film is absolutely amazing. The minute it started you where sold. The action, humour and acting can not be faulted at all.

The action in this film was so good, it was like some of the films you see where the fighting goes on for ever and its the same moves and you are sat there thinking yes, next? You are sat on the edge of your seat waiting for the next fight because they are so bad ass. I don’t want to ruin it for anybody but blooming hell. I get way to excited about these films.

When watching it the editing and the way everything has been done is also amazing, i just cant get over the way every has advanced to be able to do this kind of thing. I do admit at one point the hulk puts black widow down after carrying her for a while and that was a little bit obvious it was edited which did let me down a little bit.

Something that i found interesting was that you got to see the pasts of some of the Avengers. just a flicker but you got to see how some of them became who they are and why. Also get ready for me to ruin it…..

I found the film absolutely amazing. All of it. But two things that I was not expecting was….

1-At the end when Captain America and black widow are training the “new Avengers” I think that they are just joining the team, well that’s what I hope I am in love with Thor and Captain America.

2-The clip at the end during the credits where the big purple guy form Guardians of the Galaxy puts on his big glove and says something along the lines of “I will have to do it myself then”. Urg I am unbelievably excited.

So if you haven’t already guessed I loved this film and I recommend it to everybody! Lets make it a law, in the next week everybody has to of watched this film or you get arrested and made to listen to Justin Bieber.


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