Review on the Samsung NX Mini

I have a few close friends. Which all received orders to give me their mcdonalds monopoly stickers which you get in the side of your meals. I wasn’t being a b**** they just only use the instant wins so I had the others. Because of this I won the Samsung NX Mini camera and boy do I love. Get ready for so many pictures on my blogs which probably are not even relevant.


To start the review the screen that flips up to take “selfies” is great! I am not one to take selfies I am not very good at it but I think it helpfull for when you are with friends or want to film something with yourself in it. No one is ever stuck behind the camera now.


I don’t think you can tell by this picture but the texture on the front of the camera is so retro and cool. I love it because it doesn’t look so modern. The roughness of the front makes it more interesting and unique.


One thing I’m not a complete fan of is that you do have to take the front lense off. You are given caps to come with it so nothing nasty gets in the gaps and holes but it’s a pain and I worry that in the future, if I move or use it and have to put it in some sort of bag I will lose the lense and bleh  not something I would of chose.


I got used to the setting quite quickly on this camera. Now I have no patience at all so I get stuck in straight away and hope for the best. I do think this camera I’d great with function and how it looks.
Little things with the camera are great also. For example you can connect it to your phone using wireless to put photos taken on to your smart phone.  Quick and simple. You can also email them to yourself which really impressed me.
I never thought anyone would ever win anything from the mcdonalds monopoly but I have so it’s not a useless thing after all. I was after the mini cooper but the camera will do.
So when the mcdonalds monopoly does come around I recommend it. I also extremely recommend this camera if you are looking for a upgrade it is great and something that will last me a long time.


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