A Lazy Day Blog.

As you can tell from my previous blog I have won a Samsung NX Mini camera from McDonald’s Monopoly. Because of this I am addicted to taking photos so this is my lazy day an what I do to relax:D. A bit of photography and a pinch of editing.

Obviously I have a nice lie in first with some Netflix. Cuddles with anything that if comfy, including teddy bears. lots of pillows and blankets all comfortable up. I have some of my favorite shows which I watch constantly. If I didn’t have college and my two jobs I would be glued to the laptop watching as much as possible. A couple that I am addicted two are Once upon a time which I have already written a blog about and Dare Devil which i will be writing a blog about soon when I can actually turn it off.

Bed AreaI then go on the computer and have a some fun on the computer. I spend time with friends and family. Something I love doing with friends is play a computer game called league of legends. Now I am a girl and not many people realize that girls play games, any type of games so it is such fun beating lads a**** on the game. Especially when my friends that i play with are all men.

My computer areaSomething that I do on a lazy day while I am trying to relax would be to spend time with pets. it may sound a bit sad but they do help me relax. I don’t know if I have mentioned recently that I own geckos but I do. I own crested geckos, one full grown and one stroppy teenager. They are so cute and laid back. They are easy to look after and give you so much joy. Sweet creatures.

Reu Mummy gecko

And last but not least a nice walk with your friends or family or even your pet or pets. A walk can do you good and you can relax easily. It is very soothing to have a nice gentle walk. Before I did I always wondered what people saw in taking walks, I was never a fan of exercise me. This is what I do with my dog after work to help me relax.

Aviary Photo_130748936301482742

Obviously this is not what I always do bit these things are what I enjoy the most and what I do the most. Enjoy ❤


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