What if?…

Looking at everything and what people do and how it all used to be it does make you wonder what you could become and what would of happened if you where born to somebody else. this is just going to be me having a natter but I will make sense don’t worry.

I am happy with what I have, I have a great boyfriend well finance, absolutely amazing grandparent who I love dearly. So many great opportunities in education, not had to pay for it or miss it because of heath reasons. I am just an ordinary girl with a sprinkle of good luck. I have two great jobs at the cinema and at the pub. All giving me great experience for life ahead. I admit I would love to take on the cinema full time. Be the manager, choosing the films, making the cinema much better then it is now. A young fresh face, I think I could do it:).

Aviary Photo_130750688376925185

What I think would of been fun and probably sounds really weird but being in the time of Queens and Kings and big dresses and fancy balls. I totally think I can pull of a nice big dress and dancing and drinks, it would be so great. Even a pipe and a big chair by the fire is welcomed.

Aviary Photo_130750687706363626

Something or rather someone I am very happy I never become is a pirate. They don’t seem very nice, sorry to any pirates reading this. Although I have heard that if you steal or kill on the sea then you become a pirate. But all the killing and the drink, now I like my drink but drinking constantly, imagine the hangovers. The killing part I wouldn’t be able to do at all, not even when the situations comes up me or them. Nope sorry captain I quit.

Aviary Photo_130750688937517271

But what I would love most of all, Is similar to something else I spoke about but also something every girl dreams about at some point in there lives. Being a princess.

Aviary Photo_130750687334212914

I have done this because a princess was born this morning and i think it is amazing that we still have this tradition and that Britain still has a queen and princesses and princes. I think it is so magical.

You can be what ever you want and I am not saying it because I have seen it on some cheesy film or program, it is because it is true. It doesn’t matter what background you have come from you can become what ever and do whatever you want to do.


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