What is this losing weight thing?

I like my food. And I admit maybe a little to much because I am a big girl. There are no excuses but the amount of food around the days it is actually a lot harder then I thought to sort out what food has what in it and what is actually good for you.
I want to be healthy but with such a busy day it’s hard to find he time to walk the dog or go to the gym or just eat healthily. I suppose this is just me I’m using excuses because I bet if I actually tried  I would be able to do it, especially as my mum is a health freak and she has lost so much wight:) proud daughter moment.
Researching tips and helping full advice about losing wieght I have learnt that taking it slow helps a lot. For example, for the first week remove chocolate from your diet and if you succeed then the next week of a couple of weeks later take crisps from your diet. We at least that’s what I did. It completely depends on what you eat. I only lasted for a month because I had to work solidly for a couple of weeks and mcdonalds was calling my name.
I have bought a losing weight book which has become my bible. But I am only half way through it. It’s useful but I am learning that the only person who can really help your self with losing wieght is your self. Everyone is different. Everybody’s body reacts different to different things.
I do know the the losing wieght tablets are not good. A couple of weeks ago a young woman died from taking them. She only lived 30 minutes away from where I live and it was shocking. Never expect anything to happen close to you. You only see it on the news. And to die from something that illus of people use.  She was so pretty.
But yes I am starting to love the way I look and am not wanting to lose weight just for how I look, I want to be healthy. I eat loads of fruit and drink plenty of water. All I need now it to cut out all the fatty foods and even out my diet. Also do some thing peiple call exercise?. Any way wish me luck!:D


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