I have just edited some fairytale into your day.

So I was sat looking through Facebook and reading people complaining about where I live. saying it is a s*** hole and how they wanted to leave and get out of this place to somewhere beautiful. I decided to show them that they are wrong. On my way to work I took some pictures and edited them a little bit. They look like they should be in a fairytale book or something. I feel so lucky to live somewhere that is so pretty. Obviously I am ignoring the kids who are bullying adults on their way home from work and the spitting. Yes where I live THE PEOPLE are horrible but THE PLACE is not. Just have a look yourself.

Path down onto the field

This is just down from my house and I think it is so pretty. I used to be so scared of going down this oath at night time but looking at it like this is amazing. Looking at this picture I Just imagine forest animals walking around, even a scene from Bambi.

Path down to the bridge

This just reminds me of the yellow brick round from the wizard of OZ, yes I know it is not yellow but still. This just makes you want to skip down it. This place is not so terrible as people makes out. Promise.

By the river

Ah now these two are my favourites. I think these look so interesting. The colour looks so deep and eye catching and the grass and leaves stand out.

Path up to police station.

When I look at this one I think of little fairy’s. I know I sound silly but my imaginary goes wild when thinking and looking at things like this. Isn’t Wales beautiful. I do think this would make someone come to Wales. I am talking about the actual view. I sound so big headed.

By the school

I really enjoy photography. It is in part of my course I am currently taking. But because if my skills I don’t take many pictures, I don’t have much patients. But I do think these a good and I like them. I know that anyone who is professional at photography probably look at these and think well, I have an idea. But where I live is beautiful, everywhere is if you look in the right places.


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