Phobia? I don’t have one of those…

Growing up you become scared of more things and its annoying. When I was little I was fearless and the only thing I hated was those meal worms you feed to birds. The live ones. But no I am scared of many things. Quick sand, being buried a live and the worst snakes. Now I blame my mum. Growing up my mum has been terrified of snakes. She wont even look at them in a  news paper and someone else has to change the page. When me and my boyfriend started going out he got me a small yellow and purple stuffed snake from the fair and she wouldn’t come close to my room if she thought it was there. Sometimes that was handy. What makes it a little more funnier for me anyway, is that she is Australian. Her birth place is home to some of the deadliest snakes in the world. Which would explain I supposed her fear. But I would of thought from where she grew up she would be used to the little f*****s. Lucky for me I have taken on the phobia of snakes and absolutely freak when ever the word snakes is mentioned. This blog is killing me right now. I thought I would research and think through some ways of tackling phobia to help myself, my mother and you.

1-Make a list.

Make a list of things about the phobia with 1 being okay and the last being the worst case scenario. For example. my phobia is snakes as you have already seen. Number one would be reading about snakes and looking at pictures of them. The last one would be touching one and picking it up (slightly sick in my mouth). You would then in your own pace go through the list doing each subject. When you feel ready move on to the next subject. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something stop but it is a good idea to try until you feel comfortable instead of putting your self through that stress just to give up. Maybe make sure something is there with you that you can trust just so they can calm you down if need be.

2-Argue with yourself.

Think of things that are the reason you are scared of your phobia. Write them down and then write reasons to why you shouldn’t be scared of them related to why you are. If that makes any sense at all. For example. One reason I am scared of snakes is the fact they can bite you and it is difficult to get them of. My reasoning with that is. They are more scared of you then you are of them. If they don’t feel threaten they wont bite.


Learn how to keep your self relaxed in the situation. practice before hand and have a backup. Mine would be to just keep breathing deeply and telling myself it will be OK. If that doesn’t work it would be to close my eyes and step back. move away. makes me feel safer. There are many ways to keep calm and everyone has their own way. It also really does help you going into situations with a back up plan for if the first way doesn’t calm you down. It is like having a net. Once again have someone you trust with you, they can calm you down as well. What ever you do don’t get frustrated. It will wined you up more and feed the fear. Also don’t do anything related to your fear with someone else who is scared of the same thing. You may think it is a good idea to do something with someone who can understand you. but you could do so well and then your friend may freak you out and either get you in troubling situation and make you freak out to become more scared.


Do something in your life which enables confidence. Join a club, spend more time with friends. Choose something that will help with confidence and this can then lead you with concurring your phobia.

5-What next?

If nothing works and it is something you are wanting to be able to get rid of the phobia there is always psychotherapy, counselling and hypnotherapy. They sound dyer and to me quite scary but they are options and only you can decide if that is the option best for you.

I hope I have helped a little bit or at least given you an idea of how to tackle the phobia. I’m still on number one. I am so nervous of snakes and there are hardly any from where I live but ah well. Enjoy.


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