Life Goals

These days it is so difficult to get where you want and do what you want without having to have have a little fight in you. There is no way you can do anything without being judge so you can forget about that one. My absolute dream would be to become a full time blogger. That is something I would love to do but quit hard at the moment seeing as, if you have read my little secret blog post, you would know that I actually havnt told anyone about my blog because of being scared of being judged.
Obviously I havnt got to the young of age 19 without having a career plan. You get constantly asked about what you want to do when you grow up. What are you going to study? Well my answer to every human being I seem to meet is interia designing.
Now I love interia designing. It is an industry which is difficult to get into. And something that takes up all of your time. I once went to a fashion show where before hand we got to have a meet up with some of the designers and they explained how they don’t actually have a normal life. They travel and experience things but it was part of the job. They never actually have time for them selves. I hope that interia designing is not as intense as fashion designing.  When I get to the level I want I will be working for either myself or a big company where I can pretty much chose when to work. Oh the life.
But once again I get drawn back to the blogging. I say interia design with a smile on my face because that would make me happy but imagine being a blogger.
You get to travel and have new experience to write about. I mean my blog is my little baby. Now I am getting creepy. Life is amazing and hopefully one day someone will find me or I will find them and I will get to do my dream job. Enjoy.


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