A Good Old Fashioned Chat.

So I am home from college with a migraine again. I’m about to have a full on tantrum I just want to go out but I can’t. So I thought I know! I will do a blog post but instead of being usefull and about something, it will be probably be all over the place and about useless things so please prepare yourself.
So as you know I work in the cinema. What really gets me about standing being a till and not being able to properly say anything because I have to be polite is spoilt children. I can’t remember whether I have had a rant about this or not, I probably have its so annoying. The ones that are huge and woddle up to the counter and you think to yourself he looks like he is going to be a pain. That is where I go wrong.  He is far from a pain. He has purposefully turned up at my job just to piss me off. Well that is how it feels anyway. He slams his hand down on the counter and demands 5 packets of Maltesers and a extra large popcorn. That is before his mum had been able to struggle up the stairs because she is carrying all of his stuff. Urg.
What also annoys me is prams. And the pushers. Ok I understand you have a pram. Everyone go single file and let them stay on the pavement because you don’t want them on the road with a baby. What bugs me is. I’m walking to work. It is a nice big path on the side of a big open park. Two women come towards me on the path with a pram each. They take up the whole path with both of them and have obviously seen me. As we get closer to each other I am thinking “it’s fine they will move in a mintute” I’m rong. They stay side by side and ram me of the pavement into the muddy grass on the side so that they can keep nattering about their hair extentions. Thanks.
I love having a moan but I do know that there is some good around all this horrible human being nature. For example I was getting a lift home yesterday and as we drove past an ambulance an elderly man had fallen over. A lot of people where around him making sure he was ok. Some people where obviously not family or friends and where just passers by. That gives me hope. Enjoy.


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