Short Review of Pippa Middleton’s Book Celebrate.

Now I know this book has been out for a while now. But when I got it I was not appreciative of what it contained. I think it is very useful for everybody and has some really good ideas which I will be using for sure.  There is something fro everybody in here, your children, grandparents, food, parties. i would recommended you to buy it. The ideas are cute and make your home look good, smell great and grow. It is well thought out and has some necessary things in and some that are just there because they are cool.


The outside of the book is so pretty. I would love to have my own book. The thickness of this book shows straight of how cool it is. So much in it. This is a book which you can judge it by the cover.


I feel like these pictures have gone smudgy and doesn’t give the book justice. But as you can see and I have already mention this, the amount of stuff in this book makes the money you spend is worth it. You can see just by looking at the back that it contains so many different things and cover all subjects that you can think of.


I am a huge fan of reading so I have many books. Because I have been so busy lately I have only just found my stash of books that  have read and obviously this is one them. But get ready for a whole lot of book reviews. You will understand how good they are when I hopefully persuade you to buy them ehehe.


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