Short Review of Mum’s List written by St John Greene.

Omg I have to warn you I cried reading this book. Basically what it is about it. A man and a woman fall in love at a young age. Typical blonde beauty and a biker. They Then get married and have some children but have problems with the children and with he birth. Then the mother becomes very ill and has something like a bucket list of things that she wants to do. Once she dies she then leaves a list for the father that contains things she wants them to do. Like he must tuck the boys in and give them a kiss every night. Eventually it will make them happy and he can move on. It just heart warming and it makes me happy to think she cares so much about them.  He talks inn first person the whole way through out the book. There are also pictures in the book of the family. Its so precious.


This book makes you think about what you have and what you can lose. It makes you want to go home and just get up and hug your loved ones. I ran home to my boyfriend once I had finished the book 3 times. It really does make yo feel lucky that you possibly haven’t been through even half of what that family went through. Maybe you have I do not know but my heart goes out to anybody who has and i wish them all the best.


Like I have just said I read this book 3 times. I just couldn’t get over the feeling it gives you to think of the amount of love this family had for each other. Those boys must be so proud to of had such a strong mother and loving parents.


I completely recommend this book and i think you should recommend it to your friends. I love it so much that if you live in the UK I am willing to send my copy for free so that you can understand how amazing it is. I have ended up buying a couple of new copies for my mum and Nanna they loved it as well.


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