Happy Friendship

This is going to be short,selfish and sweet.
So a while a go I had written a blog about friendship and in it I said about previous friendships where I was left out and always the boring one.
I have decided to update you on that. I am happy. Happy with who my friends are and how I about with them. I don’t want to name names because they don’t know about the blog so it’s only fair. But when I started college I thought it would be ok. I would make maybe a new friend do my course and finish within a year but I have gained much more than that. I have gained a best friend for life hopefully. She could obviously see this completely different and want to get rid of me. But we have gotten so close. If either of us have a problem then we straight away go to each other. We have planned away day together in a  couple of weeks which with anyone else I would completely nervous about spending time with someone. I mean what if we end up with so nothing to say and we are sat there in awkwardness.  But is it not. We are content with so just each others company.  Ok I make is sound like it is a relationship. But she is the closest I have to a best friend lately and I love it.
Anyway this just shows even the boring of people can make friend for life. It is great. Enjoy


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