This could easily be a long blog with how I am feeling but I am on my phone so there is a possibility it could turn out short.
What is with the world lately. Being gay, lesbian, transgender or disbled should be something you are not judged for. You don’t judge someone for wanting baked beans instead of spaghetti. Well I do because I mean spaghetti is so much nicer.  But in all seriousness these days it shouldn’t be taboo subjects. People should be able to be and do what they want and who they want. Small minded people should put up and shut up.
It angers me that people feel the need to bully and talk to people like utter crap because of the way they look and how they are in life. Is it bothering you? NO! Move on.
What do people gain out of being terrible to disabled people.  I feel like they shouldn’t even be called disabled. Just people will do.
I did a quiz in a lesson, something  similar to Welsh bacc and the question was something like: what percentage of the population think disabled people are below them. And the answer was something stupid like 55 percent. WHAT!?!
Walking down the hallway in college there is a young girl in a wheel chair. A group of people sre walking, who do you think moves to suit the other person.  She does. She is in a wheel chair and has to struggle to get past by swerving in between because they are to lazy to stand out of the way. It is disgusting. I know there are some jokes who pretend to be disabled to gain what ever but come on.
It is infuriating that people are like that and think it is ok to be like that, not seeing a problem with it.
There are obviously people oit there who go out of their way for people in need and I seriously thank you. They are the people who really show me that humanity is not something to give up on just yet. Enjoy.:)


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