Short Review of Is It Just Me By Miranda Hart.

I was lucky enough to get this book as my Easter present from my parents. They are not that good with presents as last time I wanted something they came home with my sister and i was not impressed. But this I was thrilled with. I wanted this book for ages but I am not a big fan of biography’s and books written by celebrities because lets face it they probably don’t write them themselves properly. But this one I was fond of so when my mum saw me looking at it in Morrison’s she got it for me.


This book is so comical it hurts. Now I am not being sarcastic either. This book is such a good read for holidays. It gets you hooked and I don’t even care if she didn’t actually write it herself. It is something that you cant take seriously and it is refreshing. If you like the show Miranda then you will absolutely love this like me *high five*.


I would definitely recommend this book as I think it is hilarious. it is exactly as you would expect a book written by Miranda would be. High respect goes out to her for keeping such a happy personality in her book. Hope you read it and laugh just as hard as me. Enjoy.


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