I am Proud.

This is going to be another short blog, sorry. I just wanted to take this time to be self obsessed. I am actually really proud of myself for being organised and sorting blogs out for every day for at east a week. I am so enjoying this blogging. Growing up writing was not my strong point as you could probably tell by looking at my blogs and seeing the terrible spelling mistakes.

I mean thinking about it I can never come up with something to blog about. Give me a camera and a piece of paper and a pen and I am of. Loving life. Writing in my own personal diary blog that only you can see. There is something appealing about the fact of blogging with knowing close t you knowing about it. like you can write what ever you want when you want and not get judged.

I am on fire I am coming up with all sorts of blogs right now. Need to write it down and go to sleep. But for now enjoy this cute picture of a pug. Enjoy.


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