Give Yourself A Break!

I know I am only 19 years old and I haven’t actually gone out and “done a hard days work” but what I have learnt is that everybody deserves a break. Everyone has or is going through something. Or are out working on stop. Or just needs to stop and chill. Like I have already gone on about in previous blogs is that I am in full time education with two jobs and many things going on around them. So far I haven’t given anytime to myself to sort my head out of all that stress because it all became a daily routine.


Even when you are on a diet you deserve a day of, well that’s what I tell myself anyway. Have a bag of chocolate or something on your cheat day. Life is to short and I know the perfect body is something you want, trust me I know. But at the same time live a little. Go on a random holiday. Ask that fella out. Oh look a double burger? TAKE IT!. I love how this paragraph has ended with food again.

I just feel like Britain is starting to become known for the lazy, no good lay about’s who are using benefits. When there is plenty of hard working people earning just enough to live on even though they don’t get a day off and they need a mention. Every where and everyone in the world who works their asses of should just go on holiday. Lets just have one big holiday.

But in all seriousness. Remember you deserve some time to yourself. Even if you don’t realize it or think you don’t need it. You will surprise yourself with how good and relaxed you feel after a little pampering and time away. Enjoy<3


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