Short Film Review-Mad Max (15)

When watching the adverts and looking at the posters this film did not look good to me. I am not good with violence in films. And I am proud to say I saw most of the film without my hands over my face the whole time. *High five to me*. But I do think this is a decent film.
I now know that this is a re make for anyone who didn’t know. I didn’t. But everyone else seemed to which is how I found out. And now I am babbling. I had never heard of this film before this year. I want to see the previous films to compare them. If you have seen them all then you will have to let me know what they are all like in comparison.
Now I say this in pretty much every film review blog I have done on film’s like this so I have come to the conclusion that I am easily pleased. The graphics in this film are amazing. I don’t notice in good films like this that huge crab spiders are not real and the huge cliff the bad guy just feel in is fake. Just makes the films a whole lot better but makes you think about how far computer graphics has come, but that is a whole different blog.
The actors in this films are a good choice. They play their roles well and really adds to the madness of the film. I totally get why it is 15 rated though. I would take my children to this film but once again I am not brave, my 7 year old niece would probably deal with this better than me.
But any way I would recommend this film and I do understand the big rage about it now. It is a cool film, scary and but entertaining. I am just a wimp. Enjoy.

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