Zombie Apocalypse? Silly Idea.

So me and a couple of friends in collage where talking about what we would do if a zombie apocalypse happened. It is just a silly little conversation that turned into one big speculation.

Personally I think I would do quite well and then kind of not. That makes sense. What I mean is I think I would do OK running around with woods and stuff. I have actually thought this through so prepare yourselves. I would go to my grandparents house which is on top of a hill. I like to think zombies would find it difficult walking up hills. I would then put loads of stuff in the way of the doors and windows in their house so we are nice and safe. I would then go out house to house either finding other people or if the houses are empty taking any food and water I can find. You need to do what you can to survive remember. I would go on my own because my boyfriend would stay to defend my grandparents.

So yes hopefully after a couple of hours we would get saved by the military or who ever is out saving people, if the government would do that. Gosh this is turning very serious. My imagination is wild though. Give me an hour and a situation and I would over analyse it like crazy.

What would you do? I have to admit having a zombie apocalypse happen used to be one of my worst nightmares and then I realized it wouldn’t. Good job me. I mean even if it did they would have to get out of the graves they are in which have soil on top of them. WHAT HAPPENS IF WE HAVE ACTUALLY HAD A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BUT NO ONE KNOWS BECAUSE THEY ARE STUCK UNDERGROUND?!?!? OK now I am scaring myself. I am going to watch some unicorn films to cheer myself up, Enjoy!


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