With Every Relationship There Are Arguments.

I am been in a relationship for 5 years in January. Like my Nanna always says, “you don’t get that long for murder”. Thanks Nanna.

So I have had my fair share of arguments and I have now got myself my own tactical way of dealing with them. Here they are…

1-Turn the fight into a joke.

What I have found during an argument is to just slowly turn it in to something funny when you see the opportunity. For example I go to work and have asked the other half to tidy the clothes while I am at work. I get home and he is on his computer playing games with the clothes in a mess. I am tired and moody and he knows what he has done or hasn’t done in this matter and puts up the defense wall. After a while of arguing he mentions my clothes and I turn it into a joke by every now and then adding a comment about how the reason why my clothes are on the floor is because he was the one who was wearing them. Once he realized what I was saying he laughed and that was that. Done and dusted ready for the nest fight.

2-NEVER get physical, even if you are the woman.

This is such a taboo subject. They always say a man never hits a woman because he is always stronger the the woman. Even so. The woman can still do damage and you may as well just out your trust down the toilet yourself the minute you as the woman have lifted your hand to do something.


This one I am not good with. I am not got any patients so if something happens I want it sorted there and then. But I admit having space for a couple of hours really does help. Having time to think.

4-Take a moment to breath.

If you are like me and are inpatient and just want fights to be over there and then then just stop and breath for a few minutes. Get your perspective on the situation and then talk calmly and grown up about what is wrong. Get right to the point.

5-Maybe sleep on it.

I know looking at things on media sites it says to never go to sleep on a argument but sometimes it is a loud. The fight could of started because you are both simply tired. The night sleep can also help with the time apart. Wake up feeling refreshed and you wont even remember what you where fighting about.

Hope this helps, it certainly helps me. Enjoy.<3


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