Big Brother 2015

This is going to be short because I am on my phone but what do you think of Big brother 2015? I know it has just started and it is a little to early so say but thoughts?

Jade- She really annoys me! Looking at her she is pretty and obviously looks after herself but every time she goes into the diary room it is to talk about her self and how all the lads fancy her. Just get a grip please?

Jack-Now this dude, I want him to win badly. It could all completely change but I highly doubt it. He is just so sweet and silly. He is funny and I like him. Cute Pie face.

Nick-I think he is hilarious and I love how honest he it. He admits he does nothing and that he wont win. But I think he has a chance. I just think he is going to be one of the most honest characters in the house and I hope he lasts.

Sarah-When she first went in I liked her. I thought she was going to be the only girl I liked in the house but nope. She seems to be looking for fights. I don’t know whether that is what she like or how big brother has edited it all to look but she is one of my most least liked house mates.

Simon-I am not ashamed to say I am happy he was evicted. He reminded me of Perez Hilton from celebrity big brother and he is just so dam annoying. If he had stayed in I think big brother would of lost lots of viewers after celebrity big brother and how much Perez got away with.

Cristian- Now he is nice to look at but he doesn’t seem to have much in his head. I know he is in university doing a good course and getting educated but he just seems not very interesting. Maybe he is just trying to look cool and its an act but I would just stand an stare at him.

Danny-He is cute and to good for Sarah. Don’t do it Danny!

Kieron-Nice guy but what a voice! that is all.

Chloe-I think this girl is hilarious and I think we are so similar. We don’t give s*** about what people think and they way she speaks to people and tells them what she thinks and outs her foot in it all the time is exactly what I am like. I think she is great.

I know a lot of people look down on big brother and think it is just a load of bull. But I find it entertaining and gives me something to do. I know that I haven’t mentioned all of the people in the house but that is because I am still trying to figure them all out:). If you watch it let me know your thoughts. Enjoy!.


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