Short Review of Pitch Perfect 2 (12a).

I absolutely loved this film. I did not watch the first one properly because I was really busy and only saw bits and pieces.  I just thought it was another one of these chick flicks with a bit of humour in it. But this one is so funny. I would recommend loads of people to watch this film.
The actors in this films also play the parts so well and the song at the end!?! Wow. I nearly cried.
Sorry for andnyone who hasn’t seen this film yet but the new hand shake thing at the end. In the first one was the cup song which I love how they sings it in this film for “old times sakes”. I kinda thought that  they would try something thing to become a big hit after the cup song. But they really pulled it of which I wasn’t expecting. 
For anyone who has watched the film and likes the song at the end called flashlight. The singer Jessie J wrote it and sang it so if you want to find it to listen to just youtube that. I havnt been able to turn it of.
I think this is family friendly even though it is a 12a film. It has a couple of rides words snd lines in it but come on we have all grown up watching something we shouldn’t of.
I hope you watch it as it is such a good film, enjoy!


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