Short Review of San Andreas (12A)

I would like to start this blog by saying It it a complete tragedy with what happened in Nepal and I hope as many people as possible are safe. It really makes you think about how lucky we all are when all we have to moan about is the weather. This film made me cry thinking that it has happened in real life and people are suffering. It is heartbreaking to think people are going through what has happened in this film and worse. Not everyone gets the happy ending like in this film. I have given a donation and I hope it does something useful.

Just wow. I was not expecting much from this film because all disaster films tend to be the same but b***** hell this one I loved. I was on the edge of my chair the whole time it was all just so tense. I know I sound like I live under a rock but it does really hit home how bad it is for people who deal with this. This film really has put me of living in america and also living in a place with tall buildings and a really busy lifestyle. Just scares me thinking I could be at work one day and the huge wobble of the building could be an earthquake.

The actors and actress in this films where so good. They played their parts so well. My gosh Dwayne Johnson though. He is always yummy in everything. But typical, one thing goes wrong and he is there straight away but I forgive him. One thing that I was a bit curious about was when the parents find the girl and then the building collapse a little bit more and causes her to be underwater. The father then goes in after her and she pretty much drowns. The fact that he has just watched his daughter die gives him the strength to break into the room she is stuck in to get her. All of this time the girl has been dead. Add the time it took for him to then grab her and swim somewhere out of the water to start CPR on her. I would of thought in real life she would be gone. No bringing her back. But I suppose it is just a film. Oh and sorry to anyone I just ruined it for.

I would recommend it easily. It is such a good film. Even though it is a 12a I would think again before taking a 5 year old to see it as it can be scary watching all of this disaster and only being young. But yes very good film, great. Enjoy.


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