From an outside perspective…

Growing up with a no bulls*** attitude mother has helped me look at situations and have a strong head when it comes to sorting them out. For example, if something is happening to somebody I am “friends” with on Facebook. It tends to be something very petty and annoying that I just cant help saying something and kind of getting involved. Now I have already gotten in trouble for doing this. I feel a story coming on guys…

So I was scrolling through Facebook on a Tuesday night and there are loads of these lads who think they are to good for the law moaning about the police. Now I know this is a whole different blog and I will probably do a blog about the police soon. But these lads where going on about how  a police officer had hurt one of their friends. So I thought I have nothing else to do I may as well have a look into what actually happened. It turned out the lad was on drugs and was attacking people and the police. Apparently this drug was legal but does that matter? Anyway it took about 4 police men to get this lad onto the floor to restrain him from hurting himself or anybody else. In the process he had gotten hurt which is expected if you struggle while on drugs with four police officers. But oooooh no. These losers who call themselves tough men are now slagging the police of. I know what is happening in the world because I can read. Police are being accused of using their authority to do some absolutely disgusting things which if they have deserves to be burned alive.

But most police are good and its the system to blame for them not doing anything to help. Their hands are tied. But of course they are the ones to blame when someone is on drugs.(I am being sarcastic). For the police it is a lose lose situation. They are being hated for stopping a druggie hurting himself badly and the public. But if they left him for his friends to sort out and he actually harmed somebody very badly once again it would the polices fault. Not the friends fault and certainly not the boys fault for taking the drugs in the first place.

I think looking into these situations when you have no involvement at all makes you really realize how amazingly stupid some people really are or can be in this world.


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